Combline Hair Extension Review: Unbiased Experience Boston

Combline Hair Extension Review: Unbiased Experience Boston

Combline Hair Extension Review: My Experience

Say hello to Combline Hair Extensions! With their unique design features, these extensions have taken the market by storm. In this blog post, we will be discussing everything you need to know about Combline Hair Extensions, including how they work and their advantages over traditional extensions. We will also dive into my experience with Combline Extensions, comparing them to traditional extensions and discussing the hybrid technique of combining both types. I will explain how, where, and why I use Combline Hair Extensions.

Combline Hair Extension Review: Unbiased Experience

Application Process

The application process for Combline extensions involves a tiny bit of adhesive to seamlessly integrate human hair with your own. This results in a natural fringe look and thickens thinning hair, offering a complete hair transformation. The system is efficient and lightweight, working best for fine or thinning hair without causing any damage. Combine extensions are the favorite hair brand for many salons in LA. The applicator releases adhesive, and hair extension strands are combed into the hair and then brushed and separated.

The result is an undetectable attachment that emulates hair growth.

Combline Hair Extension Review: Unbiased Experience

Combline Glue is Similar to Keratin Adhesive without heat

The adhesive is similar to keratin bonds and offered in two colors, one for dark hair and one for light hair. Since the attachment may be visible, choosing the correct color is paramount. The adhesive is likened to eyelash glue and is hypoallergenic and medical grade. The glue does not have horrible fumes, like nail glue, making it easy to work with. 

The Combline glue is medical adhesive medical grade ISO 10993-5 certified glue, it does not touch the scalp, and is best to wait for it to dry before separating strands. 

Combline Hair Extension Review: Unbiased Experience

The Unique Features of Combline Extensions

Experience a new level of comfort with Combline hair extensions' unique micro attachment system. Regardless of your hair type, including curly hair, Combine extensions offer a seamless fit. Enjoy natural thin hair enhancement with Combline's lightweight attachment, providing a comfortable and natural look. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to confidence with Combline extensions, the favorite hair brand at top salons.

Combline Hair Extension Review: Unbiased Experience

Comparing Combline with Traditional Extensions

When considering hair extensions, it's essential to understand how Combline differs from traditional options. Ideal for fine or thinning hair, Combline extensions require a minimum of fifty percent of your own hair to conceal the adhesive effectively. They are optimal for thin areas such as the crown and top of the head. The versatility and seamless integration make Combline a favorite brand for those seeking natural-looking hair transformations. The salon experience with Combline extensions is enhanced, offering comfortable application and lightweight attachment, ensuring an optimistic user experience.

How Traditional Extensions Work

When referring to traditional extensions, I am discussing full-size attachments for light/medium to thick density. Most keratin bonds are one gram in weight, compared to Combline hair extensions which add a few strands of hair. They are customizable, and I prefer to use them to fill in thin areas of hair, particularly at the top of the head, crown, and sides.

Most traditional hair extensions last longer than Combline, and take less time to apply.

Combline Hair Extension Review: Unbiased Experience

My Experience with Combline Extensions on Thinning Hair

Initial impressions of the Combline hair extension system were incredibly positive, offering a seamless and natural hair enhancement experience. The application process was comfortable, efficiently transforming thin hair into thick hair. I've found that using a hybrid technique, a mix of traditional hair extensions throughout the hair and Combine on thinner areas such as the top and crown, works best for me. This way, I get the volume I desire without causing any damage to my healthy hair. The reusable nature of the hair ensures that the Combline extensions last up to 1 month, making them my favorite hair brand.

Combline Hair Extension Review: Unbiased Experience

Initial Impressions of Combline Extension Strands

Experience natural hair enhancement with Combline extensions, achieving thick, full hair without damage. The adhesive offers a comfortable, lightweight attachment for seamless thin hair thickening. This favorite hair brand transforms thin hair into a natural, voluminous mane, providing an optimistic experience of lengthening and promoting thickness. With Combine extensions, enjoy the salon-quality results of inches added to your hair, courtesy of the innovative technique developed by Philip from LA. Perfect for filling in sparse areas of hair due to hair thinning or hair loss in areas where conventional hair extensions would be visible.

Great For Fringe and Bangs

I love to use these extensions to thicken or lengthen fine bangs! I generally leave out a small portion of my client's hair to cover the attachments, and then I comb hair extensions into the bangs using the applicator. On thicker bangs, I may opt for micro bonds since they fill in hair more easily. I often create side-swept bangs or fuller bangs with the Combline method!

Combline Hair Extension Review: Unbiased Experience

Challenges Faced with Combline Extensions

I attempted to create longer and fuller hair on clients with medium to thick density hair, and the hair was not long and full enough. It was difficult to blend their hair with the hair extensions, unlike conventional hair extensions, the Combline only adds a few strands of hair to my client's hair, therefore after hours of applying them, I needed to use larger keratin bonds to create a seamless blend.

Clients love the idea of invisible attachments, but there is not enough hair placed for the time it took to achieve a full head. Additionally, it took three times the amount of time to apply them.

More than 50% Hair Loss

Combline Hair Extension Review: Unbiased Experience

Hybrid Technique: Combining Combline with Traditional Extensions

Combline extensions, when combined with traditional methods, create a full head of hair for individuals with natural hair. The hybrid technique of Combline and traditional extensions caters to individuals with perm, bangs, or crown hair loss. This hybrid approach ensures comfortable, adhesive bonds, offering comfortable, lightweight bonds for thickening or curly hair. The combination of these techniques provides a new system for hair enhancement, making it a favorite hair brand among salon professionals in LA.

Combline Hair Extension Review: Unbiased Experience

Why Opt for a Hybrid Technique?

Opting for a hybrid technique combining Combline and traditional extensions offers comfortable, adhesive bonds for thinning hair. This approach provides natural hair enhancement, catering to individuals with perm, natural, or thin hair. The individual strand technique is likened to eyelash extensions, optimal for weaker, and fine hair.

They are perfect for filling in bangs, or areas of the head with less hair follicle density.

The Process of Applying a Hybrid Extension

Creating a hybrid extension involves combining comfortable, lightweight bonds for thinning hair with traditional extensions. This process ensures longevity and natural hair enhancement, catering to individuals with various hair conditions such as curly, thickening, or thinning hair. By using Combline extensions in combination with traditional methods, a full head of hair can be achieved, offering a solution for individuals with perm, bangs, or crown hair loss. The hybrid technique of Combline and traditional extensions provides natural hair enhancement, suitable for individuals with fringe, bangs, or crown hair loss.

Combline Hair Extension Review

I often use Combline or even micro-bonds for hair loss clients, or those with thinning hair. In most cases, the "perfect client," has approximately 50% of their own hair to cover the micro attachment, and apply to. If a client has more than 50% hair loss, I use custom mesh integration or hair toppers to add hair coverage! They work great to thicken bangs too.

The application takes longer than traditional hair extensions, and they last less time in the hair since we are applying a few strands at a time. Once natural hair begins to shed, they are easy to comb out or they will grow down and naturally release from the hair.

Combline Hair Extension Review: Unbiased Experience

Preferred Technique for Thinning Hair

Combline hair extensions are highly recommended for individuals facing thinning hair challenges. With their comfortable adhesive and unique system, they are suitable for all hair types, including perm, natural, or thin hair. Combline extensions have gained popularity among those with curly, thickening, or thinning hair.

Combline Hair Extension Review: Unbiased Experience

Free Consultations at Noelle Salon

My opinion is a mixed bag, Combline hair extensions work very well on thinning hair or fine hair, but I do not recommend using them on an entire head of hair. I use them on thin areas where traditional hair extensions can not be supported. I also use them in conjunction with other methods of hair extensions that add volume and length quicker, and the result is fuller and longer hair. They do have a place in the hair extension industry and are worth trying. Let's explore together at a free consultation.


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