Curly Wavy Hair Extensions At Noelle Salon Store

Curly Wavy Hair Extensions At Noelle Salon Store

Noelle Salon's new store offers both amazing hair services and a place where you can purchase all methods of hair extensions in a variety of textures. As we embrace different hair textures, you will find a variety of curly and wavy hair for immediate purchase. Additionally, our salon hosts many training events both via zoom and in-person with certification!

Matching Hair Color

Many guests ask if we dye their hair to match hair extensions, the opposite is true, we match hair extensions to their hair color. 

Matching Hair Texture

Hair textures vary immensely from subtle waves to deep curls, we stock a variety of methods in all of these textures.

1) Straight Virgin Hair has a subtle wave and texture when left to dry on its own. Most of us do not have completely straight hair and this texture is perfect for those who want hair extensions that can be worn straight or easily curled.

2) Wavy Hair Extensions are subtly processed with an "S" curl pattern, this texture is best for guests with a natural curl/wave that want the ability to straighten their hair. We always recommend that the hair attachment area be dried 100%, and with a wavy texture, you can leave the ends to dry in a natural way and activate them with a bit of mousse or styling spray. Use wavy hair to change your natural texture.

3) Subtle Curl hair extensions have a slight spring curl, but can still be blown and dried smooth. This texture is natural from Brazil and still has luster, while tighter curl patterns are not as lustrous.  

4). Deep Wave Hair Extensions are perfect for those that prefer to wear their hair naturally and have a medium spring curl pattern. With proper products and styling, the deep wave curl pattern can also be worn in a tighter curl.

5) Kinky Hair Extensions offer the tightest curl and subtly loosen when stretched. This texture is best suited for natural very curly hair.

All of the textures can be purchased and/or applied at Noelle Salon's Store! Curly hair is high fashion and extremely popular. Consider your lifestyle when choosing a method of application. We offer these textures in:

1). Veila Pull-Thru 

2) Braidless Sew-In

3) Sew-In Weave

4) Volume Wefts & Genius Wefts

5) Hand-Tied Wefts

6) Tape Hair Extensions

7) Individual Keratin Strands & Individual I-tip hair extensions

For professionals, we train and sell bulk wholesale on our website.  


Hair color and color maintenance

Hair color is an integral part of styling, and as seen here hair dye, using a hair color chart and the use of hair color remover are all part of the end result. You can also check out hair color trends 2022. Like most things, you want to keep your hair in good condition, where environments like a swimming pool might affect your hair (bleach), or the sun in dry conditions for example. With the right products, you can keep your hair soft and well-conditioned. Discussing with your hairstylist your activities and lifestyle can help get some advice on how to manage and keep the look you are walking out of the salon. Keep in mind the shampoo and conditioner to be used, a lesser frequency is usually recommended for colored hair, and especially use the right conditioner.


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