Gen Z Boys Mop Cut, Perms, and Hair Extensions

Gen Z Mop Cut, Perms, and Hair Extensions

It has been a wild ride when it comes to working with Gen Z boys, and young adults! They have been flocking back to the hair salons, growing their hair, and the "flow" is the "mop cut!"  Usually during the summer young boys will buzz their hair, but they are not!  They are no lining up to the barber shop for a "line-up," instead they are all about textured cuts.

Some have gone so far as to add our invisible "Combline" hair extensions to the front of their hair because they do not want to wait for their hair to grow.  I am in awe of how many parents have invested in boys' hair extensions!  But we all know what it is like to want to be part of the in-crowd, at least most of us!

The latest trend is young boys perming their hair, it seems that the mop cut needs texture, and we have done some light perms with larger rods to create the "textured" style.

Salons seem to be the place to go for this cut, since we are masters with cutting, and texturizing.  We use razors for wispy ends, and double-sided thinning shears to enhance volume.  

Last year the "flow," long layers, seemed to be the craze, but the flow is now a bit frizzy, and carefree!  We call the man perm a "merm!"  The cut can also be worn with the "wet look!"

As for the Gen Z girls, they are cutting off their hair!  The most popular haircut is the asymmetrical bob.  The bob is worn in both straight, wavy, and curly textures.  It is so cool to see so many embracing their curls.  Those who want to tame their curls have a keratin treatment, we use the Brazilian Blow Out brand.  It is more of a de-frizzing treatment, and we ensure to keep the curls in place.  

This does not mean that all Gen Zers' are forgoing hair extensions, some need the extensions for increased volume in fine hair.  There is also a group that have experienced remorse after cutting their hair, and they immediately rush to our salon for hair extensions to elongate their hair.  

It is a great time in history where we are embracing all hair textures, length, and styles!  If one's hair is not curly, we can create curls with our exceptional perming system.  If one has straight hair, we can do a Japanese Straightener with CHI transformation, or a keratin treatment.  If you want longer hair, we offer every type of hair extensions, in stock, for same day service!  Our virgin hair is in stock in curly, wavy, body wave, or straight.  If you have hair loss, we have in stock hair toppers, and wigs!

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