Glue Down Hair System Can Ruin Your Own hair

Glue Down Hair System Can Ruin Your Own hair

I have worked many years with clients experiencing hair loss, my motto is if you have hair that will potentially grow back - do not use glue down hair systems aka hair toppers.  The only candidate for a glue or hair down system is one who is completely bald with hair follicles that will not grow back. This is the case with many men (the hair is shaved before gluing), but women with Alopecia Areata (autoimmune disorder), fungal infections, thinning hair loss, or Trichotillomania may have the ability to grow back their own hair. The glue-down system is not only messy, but the removal process is likely to damage the existing hair follicles.

Case in point, the below-pictured client suffers from Trichotillomania, she went to a hair loss studio that glued an ill-fitting hair loss system directly onto her own hair.  Trichotillomania is a hair-pulling condition, the hope is to keep one's hair healthy so it can grow back normally.  She is young, her pulling is in control, but the hair loss system was completely ruining her natural hair.


Glue down hair system can ruin your own hair


The Removal Is Treacherous

Removing the medical-grade glue from our client's hair was tedious and unfortunately pulled on her own hair follicles.  Over time, the glue hardens and pulls out natural hair.  We used a removal solution and carefully combed out the glue.  Fortunately, she had a good amount of hair to utilize our attachment method which involves tying the hair on the hair with microbeads.  The hair topper was too small to cover her hair loss area, therefore, she was able to pull out hair around her crown.

Our Solution

After tediously removing her glue-down hair system, we fitted her with a larger cap that covered her hair loss area.  This will create a barrier to prevent her pulling, as well as help her own hair to grow.  Our clients have successfully grown their own hair, some no longer need hair toppers.  We create a grid of tiny micro bead attachments that tie the hair system in place. As our client's hair grows, the system is removed, their hair is washed (as well as the hair topper), and reinstalled.  This process can take less than an hour and has proven hair growth results.

The Taboo Of The Hair Loss Industry

Unfortunately, many hair loss studios or clubs, take advantage of one hair loss desperation.  If they continue to glue down hair systems, or even worse, shave the client's own hair - they have a customer for life!  This is unethical in my point-of-view, approximately 90% of our clientele have the ability to grow back their own hair, so why destroy it in the process?  Additionally, there may be future medical advancements to grow back hair which may involve keeping the hair follicles healthy, there is no way we will be responsible for wreaking havoc on our client's hair.

At Noelle Salon, we are passionate about the health of our client's hair! We take every precaution to ensure healthy hair growth while wearing our hair system.  This involves consistent and careful installation and removal, treating the hair with growth factors, and teaching our clients the proper care of their hair system.

Please do your research before allowing anyone to glue or shave your hair.  Ask for a free consultation with an understanding of the end game - keeping your own hair healthy!  Feel free to show this article at your consultation.  We wish we could serve all people experiencing hair loss, but we are in one location!  If you have questions, comment below, I will do my level best to address all of them!




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