Tape Hair Extensions Do's & Don'ts Hair Extensions Near ME

Tape Hair Extensions Do's & Don'ts Hair Extensions Near ME

Tape Hair Extensions Do's and Don'ts 

Tape Hair Extensions are becoming increasingly popular, but they definitely need the proper care.  There are many clients that reuse their hair extensions up to a year!  Since the tape is gentle and the hair extensions are not part of your own hair, there are simple rules to follow.

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Tape Hair Extensions Do's and Don'ts


DO:  Wash your hair often enough to avoid natural oil build up.  Depending on your oil production; you can use a clarifying shampoo every week or every other week to remove the oil build up.

DON"T:  Pick at your extensions, your hands have natural oils that will release the tape sooner than later.

DO:  Use dry shampoo on the days that you do not have time to wash your hair.  It is best to use the dry shampoo on your scalp only.

DON'T  Spray the hair extensions with dry shampoo since it can cause the hair to become dry & brittle.

DO:  Brush carefully from ends of the hair extensions to just below top of tape.  Brush your own hair gently and in between the tape.

DON"T:  Just Brush from roots to ends and rake the extensions.

DO:  Wash and dry your hair extensions thoroughly.

DON"T  Wash your hair and leave the extensions wet.  Hair is weakest when wet and will cause the tape to breakdown and hair extension breakage.

NEVER:  Put your hair up wet

DO:  Use serums on the ends of the extensions to infuse moisture since your natural oils do not run through the hair extensions.

DON"T Use serums on the tape itself.

DO:  Blow dry carefully,  if necessary, use heat tools on the mid shaft of the hair extensions to ends. (curling irons & flat irons).

DON'T  Use heat tools near the tape - ever!

DO;  Gently put your hair in pony tail or braid at the lower portion of the head.

DON'T  Pull your hair up at top of the head, this causes stress to your hair follicles, loosens the tapes and the tape may be visible.  You can do this with individual strand extensions only.

Final thoughts;  Your hair extensions require special care.  Please do not color them or attempt to lighten them.

Number one question we receive:

Am I loosing my hair I feel tiny hair strands above the attachment area?

Since a person’s average natural hair loss is between 50-100 strands per day you will see a small amount of naturally released hairs in between the tape bonds at time of removal.  This is normal and should not be interpreted as hair loss.  

Always ask for a free consultation, ask lots of questions which will help you decide if tape hair extensions are for you!





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