Tape Hair Extensions Vs. Pull-Thru Hair Extensions

Tape Hair Extensions Vs. Pull-Thru Hair Extensions

As the decades pass, different types of hair extensions enter the market.  Tape hair extensions have become very popular over the last ten years, but there are a few issues with them in which we will address.  The latest entry into the hair extensions market are Pull-Thru hair extensions which encompass the best of all types of hair extensions, and they give what most are looking for; long and/or thicker hair.  

Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair is sold in a variety of lengths and colors, the average tape hair extension is 2.25" in width. The initial installation is very simple, two pieces of tape hair are applied to the front and back section of the hair in a sandwich style.  As the hair grows, the tape, made of medical-grade adhesive, is removed, hair is washed, the extensions are re-taped, and then reapplied.  The "issue" is the removal, an alcohol-based solution is dropped above the tape section, and hopefully removed with care to avoid ripping the hair.  Oftentimes, ripping is inevitable because the tape is strong especially when removed too soon.  

Removing tape residue can be a difficult task, if any residue is left behind, it will clump in the hair, and cause breakage.  The initial application is easy, but consecutive visits may become time-consuming and costly.   Hiding tape in fine hair can also be a challenge, there are a few brands that offer smaller tape or single-sided tape, but this is not the norm.

Pull-Thru Hair Extensions

Pull-Thru extensions designed by, VeilaHairExtensions, offer maximum hair coverage without adding tension to hair.

The virgin hair extensions are customizable, sizes range from 1.25" width to 2.75" width. It is recommended to add smaller pieces in low follicle density areas such as; above the nape of the neck, below the crown, and sides of the head. Larger pieces are added in high-density areas such as the occipital bone region of the head. Hair is sandwiched in between the extension by pulling it through tiny holes and securing the hair with a micro link.  

The pull-thru technique is easier to remove, has no glue or tape, and is moved up very quickly. The maintenance fee is less because less time is needed to service the extensions. They can also be fully removed and reapplied every four to eight weeks depending on hair growth and accumulated natural shedding. The extensions are placed slightly away from the scalp to avoid tension and pain.

There are a couple of hair extension tools that crimp or release the silicon-covered microbeads (not plastic microbeads), which are applied once you crochet hook a strand of hair and attach the pull-thru hair extensions. The application yielding great customer service and experience for your hair care.

We have found that our clients love this technique because they are easy to maintain, cost-effective, and do not damage natural hair.  Curious about the application?  Click on the below link.

What To Understand

Whether selecting tape hair extensions or pull-thru hair extensions, it is important to use high-quality hair such as Remy human hair or (the optimum) virgin hair.  Both methods are re-usable, high-quality hair extensions will not tangle or matte.  Remy hair means the cuticle of the hair is taken from the donor as it grew in one direction, not multiple directions which leads to dryness and knots.  Virgin hair is the same as Remy hair, but is taken from one donor versus multiple donors.  The hair is soft, tangle-free, and durable.  For best results, use extension safe products.

Your Own Hair

When considering hair extensions create a list of expectations and limitations.  The best method of hair extensions relies on the density and length of your hair, as well as your lifestyle.  If you wear your hair up, it is important to know that both of these methods will require a decent amount of your own hair free from extensions to cover the attachment area.  

Find a salon/stylist well versed with all types of hair extensions and ask for a free consultation.  Communicate your needs and expectations.  Show pictures of your desired look, express your ability to care for them, and ask lots of questions.

Do you have questions about hair extensions?  Feel free to email noelle@noellesalon.com for more detailed information, send pictures of both your current hair and desired outcome.



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