veila pull-thru hair extensions

veila pull-thru hair extensions

Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions

Since creating and using our new Veila Pull-Thru Hair Extensions, our salon has increased customer satisfaction and customer service!  This new method has not only made working with hair extensions less tedious, but it does not damage our client's own hair.  The pull-thru method allows us to place hair extensions away from the scalp, apply in the direction as clients's hair grows to avoid damage and there is no messy glue, tape or sewing.

The savviest of client's have tried many methods of hair extensions particularly the very popular hand tied hair extensions and they can testify that their own hair is in far better condition after wearing Veila Pull Thru hair extensions.  They also love that the hair extensions are reusable and since they are made of virgin hair, there is no tangling, matting and often reusable for up to 1 year.  In fact, one client left her hair extensions in for 9 months (not recommended) and her natural hair was not damaged and she reused her extensions!  Veila Hair extensions are packaged in customizable sizes as to not add tension to client's hair.

Our Virgin Hair

Veila Hair Extensions are made of virgin hair which means the hair was taken from one donor (1 person) as it grew from their head.  This allows for perfect coloration from roots to ends, supple texture and durability.  You may often hear the term "remy hair" which is popular in the hair extension market.  Remy hair means the cuticle of the hair is in tact and aligned in one direction, which is important, but keep in mind virgin hair cuticles is the same.  

Virgin hair is especially important in creating consistent blonde hair colors, especially in our silvery and pearl blonde shades.  You will never see a stray black hair in your extensions.  Most hair vendors do not offer virgin hair, and this is what separates us from the rest!

Selling to Salons & Stylist's

Once we started using Veila Pull-Thru hair extensions, inquiries from other salon's and stylists starting pouring in!  Instead of keeping them our salon secret, we decided to sell and educate other salons across the country!  Our boutique brand is growing at a record pace and we love to help other stylist's work with our brand.  We launched our website strictly for professionals with the opportunity to learn and grow together.  So many from different parts of the country have asked where they can find a salon specializing in our method and we are glad to share the information via our website and social platforms.

Keratin Hair Extensions

It is important to carry other types of hair extensions, individual keratin strands have been a staple in the industry so we upped the game by selling virgin hair quality with Italian keratin bonds.  The goal is to keep our prices affordable to our client's and other salons selling our brand!  

Customer Service & Passion

Our passion is educating both our client's,, stylist's and other stylist's on excellent customer service by providing a high value product and service experience.  If you would like more details please feel free to contact me, it is my passion to spread the good word!


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