What are the best hair toppers for hair loss?

What are the best hair toppers for hair loss?

I am often asked, what is the best hair topper? The best hair topper, aka hair system, is the one that suits your individual hair loss. There are some basic cap styles that are offered in a variety of textures, lengths, cap size, hair density, and color. These toppers can be applied for a month at a time, clipped, or taped in. At our salon, we use a beaded matrix, as well as a gentle adhesive to attach to the hair without shaving. The most common hair topper cap style is as follows (see below from left to right). 

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What are the best hair topper

Row 1 - left to right

1) Front Lace Hair Topper: Best for those seeking a natural scalp, especially if there is complete hair loss at the forehead. The front lace can be secured to the forehead with our beaded matrix method, tape, and hair adhesive. We may attach the rest of the hair topper with beads especially if hair is present. The hair topper is best for frontal hair loss.

2). Full Integration System: Rule of thumb, a full integration system is best for those with diffuse hair loss scattered throughout the top of the head. The benefit of a full integration is that hair can be pulled meshed and secured. The con is that there must be extra attention when brushing in order to not damage the mesh. An additional con is that the topper does not offer a natural part, this is why it is best for 50% hair loss. Mostly used for Female Pattern Hair Loss.

3). Kipa Jewish Hair Topper with lace parting (parting can be center, left, or right). This system works best for total hair loss, it offers durable cap construction. We use this for clients with Trichotillomania, Alopecia Universalis, Lichen Planopilaris (scarring alopecia), and complete top-of-the-head hair loss.  

Row 2 - left to right

4) Mesh Front With Back Integration and Polyurethane circumference. This system works best for top-of-the-head hair loss, with partial frontal hair loss. The front can be applied without beaded matrix system, hair clips, or taped at the forehead. Works especially well for clients with hair at the crown, and back of the head. The hair can be pulled through, and secured in the mesh integration area is offered in different whole sizes.

5). Mesh Cap With Ribbon Edging. This tends to be our most popular cap since it works for all types of hair loss, the mesh is breathable, and when parted it looks like a natural scalp. We generally attach this hair topper with beads, or our exclusive adhesive. Best for clients with over 75% hair loss present at the top of the head.

6). Mesh Front With Back Mesh Integration Ribbon Edging. Best used for frontal hair loss where some hair is present on the crown. Hair can be pulled carefully through the mesh wefts. This system offers a natural part, is breathable, and can be clipped or beaded in place.

Keep in mind, these are hair toppers, not wigs. A wig is best for someone with complete hair loss. The hair toppers are designed to add hair at the top of the head for partial hair loss, and thinning hair.

We have the ability to special order hair systems for specific needs, but this takes months. During the pandemic, the supply chain was so affected that we decided to stock hair toppers in a variety of cap construction, length, texture, cap size, hair density, and colors. We can also customize the hair toppers prior to application, and we offer same-day service.  

Our clients receive a free consultation where they can touch, feel and try on their hair topper! We have an extensive line of hair systems and encourage a free consultation. Click the link below to schedule your free consultation.


Hair Loss background

With Alopecia Areata, fungal infections, other autoimmune diseases, thinning hair by Trichotillomania which removes hair follicles by physical means. At Noelle Salon, we cover the various approaches to hair solutions to treat hair loss, female pattern baldness, balding spots, and other conditions to which you lose hair. At Noelle Salon, we focus on hair growth techniques. Hair systems and hair extension maintenance is part of the journey while wearing them. For Trichotillomania, as our hair grows they both will loosen, and service is required. The difference between a hair system and hair extensions for Trichotillomania clients varies based on the location of hair loss. 


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