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When first sighting Trichotillomania over 20 years ago, a hair-pulling behavior, so many did not admit they were actually pulling out their own hair. Finally realizing that the condition was not Alopecia, we decided that we not only needed to address our clients' hair loss aesthetically but to help prevent the pulling behavior. We devised a hair system that adds beautiful hair, restoring our clients' natural look, but creating a barrier to prevent hair pulling. It is like a big "stop sign," which is difficult to touch, thus hair grows back! Additionally, we never shave or glue our hair systems in place, instead, we use a beaded matrix that attaches the hair topper (hair system) to natural hair.  

Our hair toppers are made of the finest quality virgin (one-donor) hair, we custom-make our own brand in different cap sizes, colors, and textures. The hair toppers are light in weight, and comfortable, yet offer maximum density to be worn at the top of the head. They are perfect for all types of hair loss i.e. alopecia, alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia, and hair loss due to a myriad of reasons. Hair toppers address hair loss at the top of the head and can be combined with hair extensions. As far as hair extensions, they will only work if there is hair present to cover them.  

A hair topper is not a wig, it is far more natural looking and is affixed to the head with the intention of living an active lifestyle. Hair toppers are then removed, serviced, and reattached on a monthly basis, we also offer in-between quick tightening, which is especially helpful when first wearing the hair topper. We provide wigs for those with complete hair loss, and we prefer to attach those as well carefully. Wig attachment will vary based on the area, and type of hair loss. Our goal is to teach you how to work with your hair topper, wig, and hair extensions. We offer constant support via phone, online chat, or our online booking service.  

We respect your privacy, therefore our hair loss services are performed in a private area if you so chose. The best way to start is with a free consultation where we will identify your needs, explore options and fit you with the best-suited hair system.  

Our virgin hair products are priced affordable, but we can help you with seeking payment assistance via your insurance provider. It is best to call your insurance company and ask what coverage they offer for a diagnosis of "alopecia," for a scalp prosthesis. Once coverage is confirmed, you will most likely need a physician's prescription for a scalp prosthesis, and we will provide documentation for insurance reimbursement. 

Click this to view a Channel 5 interview with lots of important information

Over our twenty-year tenure working with hair loss, we have an exact system that is designed to help your own hair grow in the event your condition subsides. We are honored to have been featured in many television interviews addressing trich

We work with a network of businesses specializing in hair growth, therapy, Mass General Hospital, and dermatologists. We understand the reasons for hair loss, and our blogs offer a variety of important information for a myriad of hair loss conditions. We run a Facebook Group "Trichotillomania, thinning hair, and hair loss support," this group offers a place to vent with others, and discover treatments in different parts of the world! You are welcome to join our group and share in the discussion.

Many of our clients with Trichotillomania are young children, young adults, and adults; we welcome parental participation. We take pride in our extensive knowledge and are always willing to share our expertise and advice.

There are certain hair systems that are dangerous for natural hair or are excessively overpriced. We want to educate all hair loss sufferers and create a safe space where other people with hair loss will offer their advice. We are a member of (Body Focused Repetitive Disorder), this site helps you to understand that hair pulling is similar to nail biting, skin picking, or other comforting body-focused behavior -- it is not unusual.

Hair loss in general, particularly Trichotillomania, is quite common, please understand you are not alone, and there is a place where you can trust the advice given, and will not be taken advantage of. 


Our approach to Trichotillomania a BFRB “Body-Focused Repetitive Behavior” is one of compassion with the goal of not only helping our clients aesthetically but our systems have been proven to create a barrier to help grow in hair.  

Our clients are of all ages, and professions. Some are physicians and swear by our technique. We offer free & private consultations, a private work area, reasonable pricing for human hair, and compassion.  

Listen to our Hair Matters Podcast to help educate clients about Trichotillomania

Some insurance providers will pay in part or in full for scalp prostheses. You will need a physician's prescription and a paid receipt from us. This work is our passion with a compassionate approach. 

At Noelle Salon, our revolutionary custom-designed hair integration systems are low maintenance and affordable. Our state-of-the-art systems are natural, easy to maintain, and so comfortable that even the person wearing them mistakes it for their own hair! 


  • Custom Hair Integration Systems 
  • Custom Made Wigs
  • Custom Hair Extensions for Trichotillomania
  • All Products Custom Created for Adults, Teens, and Children
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