How To Apply Hair Tinsel

How To Apply Hair Tinsel

Hair Tinsel is back on the scene as the top hair accessory.  Add a little sparkle to enhance your hair color or more for a burst of glitter!  The holidays are a perfect time to play with hair tinsel, we also use fine strands of tinsel for brides and bridal parties by strategically placing the strands through an up-do. The latest tinsel will curl with your own hair creating illuminating locks!  Leaving the tinsel a bit longer than your own hair is also very en-vogue! 

Hair tinsel is offered in an array of colors with an iridescent finish to create an illuminating effect. In-salon we layer the tinsel over colorful hair shades i.e. pinks, purple, blue, etc.  This technique takes these shades to another level.  Opal copper tinsel looks perfect with brown hair or brown hair with caramel balayage highlights. Vivid blue or purple tinsel looks outstanding with black hair

Hair Tinsel

How To Apply At Home

The easiest way to apply hair tinsel at home is to tie a few strands of tinsel to ten strands of your own hair.  This is done by knotting the tinsel close to the root of your hair.  The knot must be very tight and will last for 1 to 2 days.  You must not brush through the tinsel since it will slip easily out of the hair.   You can have a friend help you with this application.

You can purchase clip-in hair tinsel in a variety of colors, on Etsy or Amazon, apply as the moment strikes.  

For A Longer Lasting Application

In-salon, we use a variety of techniques to attach hair tinsel that will last up to 2 weeks.

1) Our tinsel is heat resistant, therefore, we add a small amount of Keratin adhesive to the tinsel, and then gently melt the adhesive and tinsel into the hair.  This is a similar technique to creating custom-made hair extensions.

2)  We thread the tinsel and a micro-link into the hair using a crochet hook, the link is then closed with pliers.  The tinsel will last approximately 1 week.

Hair Tinsel With Hair Extensions (in salon) For Longer Lasting Glam

Using hair extensions to secure hair tinsel offers staying power!  Although the tinsel is more fragile than hair extensions, it will last up to 1 month with proper care.  

1)  Using keratin tip hair extensions melt the heat-resistant tinsel into the hair extensions.  Carefully clip away any remaining tinsel atop the extension.  This technique will last the longest in your hair.

2) Using i-tip hair extensions, wrap the tinsel around the extension and thread into hair, clamp with pliers.  The tinsel is supported with the hair extension and will last over 2 weeks.

3) Using tape hair extensions, place tinsel strands onto the tape extension (on one side), add another piece of tape hair on top and squeeze with pliers.  You can cut away excess tinsel before applying.  This technique is great to achieve pops of tinsel and offers the greatest amount of impact.

4) Using Veila pull-thru extensions, open the envelope and thread tinsel onto the hair that is pulled through. Clamp the hair and tinsel with pliers.  You can use a lot of tinsel with this technique which offers lots of pops of tinsel. This will last many weeks.

5)  Using the hand-tied sew-in extensions, once the micro-link grid is applied, sew strands of tinsel with the hair around the micro links.  Feel free to use more or less tinsel based on the impact desired.


When you are ready to remove the tinsel, carefully cut it off the hair extensions.  It is crucial to avoid cutting natural hair and/or hair extensions.  It is best to have a professional stylists remove it for you.  

Many of our customers will wait for their move-up appointment to remove the tinsel.  

We covered in hair color trends 2021 the various festive hair color options and ideas of the season. Anywhere from hair color remover in the process, the type of hair dye, and how to match the color desired in the hair color chart. From ash blond, light ash to blonde highlights can then be the beginnings of your color adventure. The same can go for brown hair color as a base color in the direction of ash brown. If it is the shades of red you are going in for hair color ideas, which will be most fitting for this month's seasonal festivities - just check in with us on how to approach your color goals with your Tinsel.


Whether or not you are wearing tinsel for an event or just for fun, you will definitely turn heads.  The best outcome will be achieved in the salon, but you may want to try them for a night-on-the-town or a holiday party.  

Tinsel will not damage your hair or compromise your hair extensions.  If you have pictures of your hair with tinsel feel free to tag us on Instagram @noellesalon.  We love to share pictures of creative styles. 



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