Madison LaCroix Of Southern Charm Hair Extension Routine

Madison LaCroix Of Southern Charm Hair Extension Routine

Madison LaCroix is a beautiful hairstylist, and reality TV star featured on Bravo's Southern Charm, she is an avid fan of hair extensions; her preferred method of hair extensions is individual keratin bonds. Her own hair is fine, and she loves the ability to wear her hair up! I suppose this is why she likes k-bonds, since they are easy to maintain, you can wear your hair up, and they are virtually undetectable. It does take more styling effort on fine hair to hide them, but an expert extensionist will ask how often you wear your hair up and will add more hair extensions to the mid-region of your head.

Madison is known for wearing elaborate upsweep hairstyles, glam fashion, and a variety of hairstyles. She has shared some of her favorite extension-friendly hair care, such as Oribe, and WOW styling products. Oddly enough, I love her hair care suggestions! I am not sure if she still works as a hair stylist, her life is busy with her new husband, and filming Southern Charm. Madison has quickly become a fashion icon, and influencer, featuring her favorite brands on Amazon.

I love Madison's 3-to-5-day hair care routine; she claims to wash her hair every five days. How often you wash your hair extensions will vary based on your hair density (fine hair should be washed more often), activity level, and lifestyle. It is important to shampoo oils from keratin bonds more frequently since sweat can break them down. I like to stick to a 3-day hair washing routine, this is because I have finer hair, and not only does my hair appear flat, but I do need to wash the oil build-up from my hair. Like Madison, I wear the "old faithful," keratin bond individual strands. I do not use individual i-tip micro bead extensions since they slip out of my hair easily. I do recommend i-tip micro-beads if your hair is thick, and coarse. This application method is easy to remove and does not slip out of thick hair. Of course, all hair extensions need to be removed, replaced or moved up since our hair grows and sheds daily. Keratin bonds can safely remain in your hair for 4 to 5 months with no maintenance.

Back to Madison's hair care routine;

Day 1: shampoo with sulfate-free shampoo and a balsam conditioner. She prefers a voluminous blow dry, without hair spray because it will make the hair sticky and dry out hair extensions. No heat is added on day 1, and no flat ironing or curling.

Madison LaCroix Of Souther Charm Hair Extension Routine

Day 2: She wears her hair in a sleek low bun that is so popular today! Still no hair spray, just an effortless shiny bun or pony. Did you know wearing your hair up can add volume to your hair? This is important for her day 3 style!

Madison LaCroix Of Souther Charm Hair Extension Routine

Day 3: Madison wears her hair down with lots of volume! The ponytail from Day 2 helps to create volume, and she curls hair long locks with a 1 1/4" Babyliss curling iron. You can change the barrel size based on your hair length and desired curl pattern. She uses the Playa Hair Care System to achieve this beach style.

Day 4: Day 4 is a more elaborate updo, or ponytail. You can have fun with this one, leave lots of curls exposed, with tendrils around the face. Clip hair up with a butterfly clip with a cascade of curls! This is a day to use all the styling products you desire since Day 5 is the last day before washing!

Madison LaCroix Of Southern Charm Hair Extension Routine

Day 5: One more ponytail or bun -- now that a lot of natural hair oil has built up in your hair, you can use that for a very sleek bun or pony, these days the lower the better (around the nape of the neck). Create a middle part, slick all of your hair back, and twist the hair around a covered elastic into a bun or pony. She also loves the messy bun!

Madison LaCroix Of Southern Charm Hair Extension Routine

I personally do not like the feeling of oily hair, but as I said, the amount of oil in your hair will vary based on your hair density. Thick hair naturally absorbs oil, so you may not be as greasy, me not so much!

I do suggest changing your pillowcase immediately after Day 5!

After Day 5, you can start again on Day 1. Or you can do what I do which is the 3-day routine: Day 1 - blow-dry hair extensions straight, Day 2 - Sleek bun, and Day 3 - loose curls. By Day 4 my hair is ready for a deep cleaning.

Hair extensions give the exact amount of volume and length to create versatile styling options, especially for those of us with fine, and shorter hair.

If you are a fan of Madison LaCroix's hairstyle, and hair care routine, be sure to comment below! Below is a link to view my favorite hair extension-friendly products.  I did not include the brand Oribe because it is a bit more expensive, but gee does it smell wonderful!

Maintenance Products For Hair Extensions – noellesalon 

Hair Extensions Background

At Noelle Salon, they evaluate your natural hair, and listen to the client's wishes on styling, color match, and look. They use human hair extensions like 100% Remy human hair, or Virgin Hair (unlike Bellami hair). Hair extensions can be used for short hair or 24 inches of a full head of hair, and they have worked with different methods like tape-in extensions, clip-in hair extensions, Keratin and enjoy using the Veila Pull-thru method with the Veila Hair Extensions for ease of hair care. Styling can vary from flat iron, natural curl, or curly hair. Whether you are looking for a change of style or look for a day such as a Clip-in ponytail, having a high-quality ponytail extension can mix it up for you. Your natural hair journey with your hair growth can be enhanced with Hair extensions when protective styling is applied, and regular maintenance is used. You can change your hair in one day - feel free to reach out and explore the possibilities.


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