How To Care For A Human Hair Topper

How To Care For A Human Hair Topper

How To Care For A Human Hair Topper


When talking about cleaning and fixing up a hair topper that's permanently attached, it's not the same as dealing with one you can just clip on. In our salon, we use a method involving beads to attach these hair pieces without needing any glue, tape, or stitches. This way is kinder to your real hair but means you have to be careful so the piece doesn't slip off. Before getting into how to wash them, it’s key to know exactly what type of hairpiece you're working with and what your own hair is like. Hair pieces made from real human hair let you do more styles but they also need more looking after - this includes using the right products such as styling products and ways of caring for them compared with those made from fake materials. Knowing both your type of top piece and personal hairstyle helps in keeping everything looking good by washing correctly and choosing suitable styling aids based on your hair type. It is recommended to style your hairpiece on a mannequin head with clamps for ease of use, and to use T pins to secure it in place. Be sure to avoid pinning through the silk area to prevent damage. Additionally, when washing a wig, it is best to use a small mannequin head with a clamp for ease of use and to use T pins to secure it in place. Be sure to avoid pinning through the silk area to prevent damage. It is also important to use a low heat setting when styling your human hair topper or wig to prevent damage and maintain its longevity.

a woman wearing a hair topper due to hair loss at the top of the head

Different Kinds of Hair Loss Treated and Services for Transgender Customers

We offer lovely human hair toppers for everyone dealing with any kind of hair loss, including alopecia affecting men, women, and transgender clients, Trichotillomania, balding due to medications, and menopause.

Key Points on Cleaning, Conditioning, Rinsing, Drying, and Styling a Hair Topper

Before you wash your topper, take a dry detangling brush and carefully comb it out. We do this step first because hair becomes very fragile when it's wet, so it's smarter to untangle everything before getting it wet.

When washing your hair, it's best to do it standing up in the shower and not with your head flipped over or tilted back. This helps keep everything attached properly. Start by getting your hair wet and then use just a little bit of mild shampoo, such as gentle shampoo, working it from the roots all the way down to the ends of the hair. It's important to gently work through the topper with your fingers without scrubbing too hard. I usually suggest using shampoo twice for a really good clean, but if you're somewhere that's pretty dry, once might be enough. If you're having trouble spreading the shampoo around evenly, try using a wet brush - this can help get it everywhere needed, even on lace parts. Another option is to submerge the hair piece in water using the bathroom or kitchen sink and use a dime-sized drop of shampoo to work through the hair evenly. Make sure to rinse until the water runs clear and then rinse again with warm water to remove any remaining suds. Finally, dry and style as desired, paying special attention to the ends of the hair.

How to Wash an Attached Human Hair Topper

Make sure you use water that’s warm but not too hot; super hot water isn't great for hair pieces because it can make them dry out faster than they should.

To wash off any soapiness without causing any movement issues for your piece at its base where attachments are most sensitive hold onto its top firmly while leaning over something like a sink filled with some warm soapy water is helpful here as well.

Gently massage into every part of its base including those tricky spots near attachments making small circular movements before finally rinsing away suds under more warm running tap until clear ensuring no residue left behind

It's really important to make sure you wash all the shampoo out of the hairpiece, and it might take a bit more time. I suggest giving a hair topper even more rinses than you would your own hair.

After washing, gently dry the hair topper with a towel and put some moisturizing conditioner on it from the middle down to the ends. With a wet brush or wide-tooth comb, carefully untangle it and make sure the conditioner is spread evenly. Remember not to put any conditioner near where it attaches because that could make it come loose. Rinse everything off well with cool running water; this helps close up those tiny scales on each hair strand, making your hair look shiny and removing any excess water. This step of conditioning is really important if you want your human hair topper to stay looking good for a long time, so be sure to take extra care when conditioning and rinsing. Additionally, when styling your hair topper, be sure to use heat protectant products and tools to minimize damage from heat styling. This will help keep your hair topper looking healthy and beautiful.

After towel drying the hair topper well, go ahead and put some leave-in conditioner on it. Start from the middle and work your way down to the ends, but remember not to get any on the base of the hair topper.

Use a medium-high heat setting when you blow dry the topper, and using a boar bristle brush can make it stay shiny. Make sure to focus on drying the base where it's attached to ensure everything is properly dried.I suggest keeping the use of hot irons and flat irons to a minimum. However, if you must use them, make sure not to set them above 350 degrees.

If your scalp is feeling itchy, we've got a calming solution you can apply right at the bottom of your hair topper to ease that sensation.

a woman wearing a head scarf to prevent sunlight damage to her hair topper

Does living in a dry area or during the winter season cause your hair topper to become dry?

In the colder months, the topper might get dry because of the warm air. So, think about washing it less often and maybe use more leave-in conditioner to keep it moist. Using oils that add moisture can also make sure your topper stays in great shape.

In warm weather, it's okay to wash your hair more frequently to prevent it from getting greasy. This helps keep the hairpiece securely in place.

Make the most of our quick hair topper tightening service. It's a short 15-minute appointment where we make sure your hair topper is securely fastened.

a happy woman wearing a human hair topper for hair loss

Hair Topper For Trichotillomania

Our hair toppers have really changed the game for people dealing with hair loss, particularly those struggling with Trichotillomania. By acting as a barrier, they help stop the habit of pulling out hair.

a woman wearing a blonde hair topper

Hair Toppers For Trans-women with Hair Loss

Trans-women who experience hair loss find a great solution in hair toppers. While they may have their own hair, the top of their head often lacks fullness. By using a hair topper, specifically designed for individuals with hair thinning or loss, not only is this issue addressed, but it also enhances their look with high-quality human hair for a natural hair appearance. In the showcased photo, there's both a set of extensions and a topper combined for an even fuller effect. This setup can be worn daily for nearly a year before needing replacement; however, it does require monthly upkeep. Compared to wigs that might look fake and feel uncomfortable, this option is far superior for achieving a natural appearance.

a trans-women wearing a hair topper for male pattern balding

Make sure your hair topper stays vibrant and lasts longer

We're big fans of silk scarves since they protect against color loss caused by the sun's direct rays. With hair wigs, the weather can make them dry, so it's crucial to use natural oils on the wig's ends to stop knots from forming.

Free Consultations and Same-Day Service

Crafting the ideal style is what we're really good at. Through our online booking, you can get consultations at no cost. Just search for "Hair Topper Free Consultations." We'll take a look at your hair loss issue and give you the best recommendations we have!

a woman wearing a natural looking human hair topper

Hair Extensions Background

At Noelle Salon, they really take the time to check out your own hair and hear what you're hoping for in terms of style, color matching, and overall look. They stick to using real human hair extensions like 100% Remy or Virgin Hair - which is a step up from Bellami hair options. Whether you've got short locks or are dreaming of adding up to 24 inches for a full head makeover, they've got experience with all sorts of methods including tape-ins, clip-ons, Keratin treatments, and the Veila Pull-thru technique alongside Veila Hair Extensions, making it easier to care for long hair. When it comes to styling choices – whether that's straightening them out with a flat iron or going for natural or more pronounced curls – there’s plenty on offer. And if you’re just wanting something different for a day like rocking a Clip-in ponytail? High-quality ponytail extensions can totally change things up without any hassle. Plus, getting into extensions doesn’t mean neglecting your natural tresses; when done right with protective styles and regular upkeep, they can actually support your hair growth journey! If transforming your hairstyle in just one day sounds good to you then don't hesitate - get in touch and see what possibilities await. And for those looking for a more permanent solution, consider a custom human hair wig for a seamless and natural look.


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